Ascended Master


The Tibetan


Djwhal Khul – My Master is also known as “The Tibetan”, “Master D.K” or “DK” and is one of the Ascended beings that are guiding the Earth and her people to evolve into the “New Golden Age” of ascension by changing the vibrational energy of all that surrounds us.


This is to be achieved firstly and foremost by Love, not only of ourselves but of each and every living thing within all levels of the Universe. He works with those who wish to heal and give comfort to the world. He is well known for his dedication and contribution to the world through a variety of channels over millennia including voice and telepathic channelling. He has the ability to appear and to be in two places at one time whenever he chooses, which helps him contact all those that are ready to hear the word. He is most knowledgeable in all aspects of the circle of light, including the rays and planetary hierarchies of the Universe, and is known as The Messenger of the Masters.


His previous incarnations are not well documented, although there is reference to him living in Lemuria as an assistant to Lord Himalaya in removing ancient treasures and records for safe keeping until these again are required to help the Earth. He is recognised as Casper, one of the three Magi (three wise men) that were at the birth of Jesus. They bought gifts to honour the Son of God signifying how important the baby Jesus was. The gold represented Kingship; the Frankincense that he would be a spiritual teacher/priest and the Myrrh depicted that he would die and be resurrected for the souls of the Earth. Shortly after leaving the Earth plane in the 1800s Dwjhal Khul began working together in earnest with Lord Kuthumi, Lord Morya and St Germain to set the wheels in motion for the second coming.

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