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The Tibetan


Angela Annett, is 57 years old and feels that, in her words, “My life is just beginning”. She has always tried to tread a spiritual path and to help others to become the best that they can be.


She has only recently been asked, and accepted, to work for, “My Master”, Djwhal Khul who has entered her life in order that she may help him bring love and wisdom back into the world, and feels truly honoured that she is considered worthy to take on this task, having always felt that there was something special that she was here to do, having come through numerous life threatening conditions and difficult situations in her physical, mental and emotional states.


Physically Angela has fought for life from birth, being born premature at just 3lb 13oz and in an incubator for six weeks. She had a brain haemorrhage when she was 16½ leaving her in a coma, and after regaining consciousness, blind for six weeks. It was during that time that she was diagnosed with kidney failure and following two years of dialysis received a transplant which also started to fail after 30 years and received a second transplant in 2003. About twenty years ago she was diagnosed with skin cancer and has undergone surgical procedures for removals of lumps and biopsies too numerous to count. Due to the effect of the long term medications on her bones it has been necessary to have her right hip replaced and full reconstruction of her right foot. The left hip and right foot are also succumbing to this problem and will also need replacement.


Mentally and emotionally life has also been a roller coaster of a ride. Having a failed marriage and another relationship in which she had physical abuse and a lost child. She has also been deeply affected by the loss of her beloved Nan, her father and just a year ago her sister. She has been homeless, jobless and moneyless. She has however strived to be positive and happy with her lot knowing that it is how you deal with what life throws at you that defines who you are.


Spiritually it was during the surgery for the second transplant, when she was extremely ill and resigned to fact that she was dying, she had a revelation. In exchange for her dedication to work for spirit she would be given what her heart most desired, to be loved for her as a person and to be emotionally balanced.


Angela always believed that there was more to life than what is perceived. In that there are things that cannot be explained and that there was someone/something guiding her through her darkest hours to keep her alive. She never thought that her “frail” physical state would lead her past her 30th birthday. So on the cusp of that momentous birthday a close friend took her to a medium for her “life and future” to be revealed. You can imagine her surprise when told that she actually had a future, that she could be a medium and that she was already a healer. This impressed her so much that she started to go to spiritualist meetings and became a member of a circle which taught her so much, especially the discipline needed for spiritual work.


It was at this time that she was having Aromatherapy treatment and that because it worked so well allowing her to come off two types of long term medication that she decided that she would become an Aromatherapist herself in order that she could then help others as she had been helped. Loving it so much she went on to train as a Reflexologist which lead in turn to her training as a “spiritual healer”.


Once qualified she was “manipulated” by spirit into starting her own circle, which at the beginning was for healing and meditation only, but developed over time to became a spiritual and physic journey for the many people that have been part of this circle, which still continues today.

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