Ascended Master


The Tibetan




 We need to look at the process of what mankind has done to the essence of spirituality and the concept of what love itself means. Such a little word with so much connotation, that it seems to be the hardest thing in the world to love unconditionally. Which is what we all need to do and share – we all need to be loved it is a divine right but why do so many people get confused when it comes to saying “I love you”? We all need to love one another as human beings first and foremost to go through our lives with no malcontent, bitterness, vengeance and hatred. We all can live together in the state of grace. We all know that when someone loves us we are better people and we share this with others. We must all become one not only with God but with our spirit and the Universe. To be in that happy state is joy personified. To be in a calm and harmonious state with everyone and everything that surrounds us. To look to the natural world and to go back to the basics of food and love for sustenance, water for hydration and air to breathe, clothing on our backs and a roof for shelter. We do not need to invest our time and effort on the technology that we have as it is getting to be so fast a pace as a world. That we have outgrown the latest “fad” in minutes and we as humans mostly strive to have the latest gadgets in today’s world. A phone is a phone it doesn’t have to be a mini computer. We have all the modern technology but we miss what is under our noses - the huge suffering throughout the planet. We need to think about those that are thirsty, hungry and diseased before we buy the latest gadget.


 We all need to teach ourselves to be self sufficient and go back to the instincts and understanding of our place in the natural world and to plant with the seasons. Never take too much and share the rest. If we all did this there would be no starving, thirsty or diseased peoples. We need to look at the structure of our societies where most of us are out for ourselves and our own comfort but we must learn to share with those that are not as fortunate as ourselves. There is no price to pay to love each other and to be generous of this love and spirit. We all carry within us the flame of the Holy Spirit and we must awaken ourselves to the fact and to bring the light back to higher the vibration of the planet as a whole. We all have a basic need within us to be loved and we have to learn that the first step is to love ourselves. Society as a whole is too geared up with how things look and the falseness of uniformity and conforming to specifics especially, where our physical bodies are concerned. Your body is a temple, please treat it as such rather than go under the knife to remove wrinkles and to give ourselves a “pert” new body. Learn to eat healthy, to exercise, and to drink plenty of water to cleanse the systems. If we all did this we would not need the falseness of what is perceived as “beauty”. There is beauty in the natural order of things - the wrinkles are lines of wisdom that come with age. There is a beauty in the grey hairs on your head as it marks a “life” that has been lived. There is a beauty in those that are natural and grow old gracefully. We can still achieve that healthiness but we do have to work at it in different ways. How beautiful is a person whose light shines out to the world from within.


 We should all be grateful for the first fact of life which is to breathe the air of this world – everything else is just a bonus. It is not what we have materially that justifies us but what we have achieved emotionally and spiritually that is important. That most of our earthly lives we lead are unfair and it is in the rising above these adversities and difficulties that define us as it is how we shall be remembered. We chose to come to this Earthly plane for the “physical” experience and to endure these difficulties to help us towards enlightenment that all souls seek. We will never give ourselves anything that we do not think we can overcome so therefore, we just have to do the best we can with what we have. To go back to grace from whence we all came .These difficulties in life are what make us who we are. How would you be if everything was given you directly without working for it? This is a character building exercise to know in the end we need to be true to ourselves and our purpose. We have a destiny from the time we are born and there are different roads and pathways to travel to obtain the end result. Go by what you feel is right in love for you and your fellow man.


 We all need to be happy to progress and to be fulfilled. Now is the time for shedding the old ways and to emerge as the beautiful light beings that we are. We have travelled far down a pathway into the darkness - violence and intolerance are a way of life for some. The peoples of the world and even the Earth herself are suffering as a result as she has her own pathway to. Think of what she has given up for her children. This is truly LOVE - unconditional! We need to acknowledge her sacrifice and to strive to make the world a better place to live. We need to get back into that energy of the first settlers here on Earth, where everything was good in “the garden of Eden”. It’s is only man’s sins that make this a world a worse place to be. Atlantis is not a myth, legend or dream – it truly existed. Where everything was as it should be it was the “Golden Age”. It was only man’s desire, power and greed that led to its demise. The survivors of this catastrophe went across the globe and tried to begin again. This has become legend in the world’s folklore. The Egyptian “First Time” is another important legacy of this as their concept of Maat – was that everything lived in truth, justice and all in balance and grace. We all need to lift our vibrational field of our human form and our spirit so we can once more be in a “Golden Age”.


Change is coming whether we like it or not, we will have no control over it as it is God’s will, the Creator of the Universe says it is time now for the second coming and those that do not change will fall by the wayside The Earth can’t stand the pain and anguish that she feels and can no longer tolerate the human ways – as they are killing her. The time is coming of a cleansing and purging of all that is wrong. We the “enlightened” ones pray that you will change to accept this and we are trying all as one with people across the world to send this message of love and peace, harmony and joy . There are still things that we will need to impart, the knowledge of ancient mysteries and secrets long kept in order to save the Earth and her children. We need to move forward to lift the vibration of the planet to ascend in all its glory. We feel the time is now right for this knowledge to be delivered. It is vast and all encompassing as it extends to all planes of existence, planetary bodies and people’s – ancient and modern. As with everything there is birth, death and re-birth. We are all immortal in the essence of ourselves. We must trust in this idea to know truly we never die. How wonderful is this to know that the essence of you is forever and to join the light is the most amazing thing. Nothing can describe that feeling of oneness with the Universe and to be all knowing and all loving. People who mediate and link to the higher consciousness know this already. So it is time to teach the entire world that we truly are all one in love and light.

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